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Orbits is a fun and fast-paced 2D vertical racer set in space. The player is in control of a spaceship and has to navigate through asteroid belts from planets at breakneck speed. This is a game for players with lightning fast reflexes and high concentration levels, since the tracks are randomly generated.Although the game is playable solo against the computer, the screen is always divided vertically in two areas, one for each player. Orbits is best enjoyed as a multiplayer title, with the high speed and adrenaline rush adding to the challenge. The game offers a few customization options, including the duration of the race, the difficulty level and the background (Saturn, Osiris or 79 Ceti B). The hard-hitting techno music adds a great sense of urgency to the gameplay.Orbits may seem based in an extremely simple concept, but so was Tetris – in fact, the authors compare the flow in both experiences. As a multiplayer game, it’s especially addictive and will surely steal a lot of hours to players who love their games fast and frantic.

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Platforms: Windows, Website, Steam-Mac, Steam-Linux, Desura-Linux
Modes: Single Player
Genres: Board Games, Action, Card Games, Fighting, First Person Shooter (FPS), Music, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Real-Time Strategy, Role Playing Game (RPG), Simulators, Sports, Turn-Based Strategy, Roguelike, Casual, Vehicle Simulation Game, Horror, Shoot em up, Point and Click

Studio: Indie Graphics: 2D
Type: Freeware Source: Closed
Release: Full Age: All