Photon Game Manager V4
Photon Game Manager is the latest work from the team that brought you TFGdb, it is an advanced game launcher that is designed to automate the process of downloading game fan art, box art, screenshots, game info, official patches and organize the data in a functional and sleek interface, allowing you to browse, sort, filter, patch, mount and run your games.
This Weeks New Game
Walabers Trampoline is an action trampoline simulation game for the Windows PC. The game uses powerful physics and animation to create a very realistic looking 3D trampoline game. Utilizing an unique control scheme using only 7 buttons, players can perform almost every move possible on the trampoline- including multiple flips and twists in different positions...
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With the ever increasing amount of game links we need some more moderators to fix broken links and approve the new ones. If you are interested please apply on the forum.
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