About Us

thefreegamesdb.com (now TFGdb.com) started when I could not find any sites dedicated to just free downloadable games with a decent amount of game filters. All I could find was small lists of games, sites focused on pay games with a few free games that are hard to find and lots of flash game websites. Taking my inspiration from thegamesdb.net (and the original name), I set about creating a site that could be edited and updated by anyone. This openness gives every developer big and small a chance to show off their masterpieces without having to wait for someone else to notice or write about it. I also set out to create a nice graphical interface for fan, box and banner art as well as screenshots, eventually allowing programs that manage your game collection to use the artwork.

The site has been through a few code rewrites, each time teaching me better ways to code items and the site you see today is probably the third revision. I am quite open to suggestions about the site and design; most of the current interface has been tweaked from users comments so I welcome all feedback. If you want to give some feedback you can do so using our forum.

You will also notice we are no longer thefreegamesdb.com we have moved to tfgdb.com, a domain name I think is much nicer than the old one.