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CarArena is a game by IzE_Design , a Rally game where you play in special circuit in arena. You have five cars and five circuits. The style is a Cartoon style and the detail of game is very low, but the game is so funny.You challenge, head to head, a racer that is computer controlled or an other player in LAN.The game is made by BLENDER and there are 3 modes:- Single Player: You challenge the computer in two different levels of difficulty;- Free Ride: You can drive in all circuit to understand and practice the movement of the car and the circuit, without lap and time limit;- Multiplayer: For the first time there's multiplayer, but this mode does not work very well (so far), you can play in LAN. You can play on Internet, but you MUST share your IP Address of Internet connection with the other player.

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Platforms: ScummVM, Website, Steam-Mac, Steam-Windows, Steam-Linux, Desura-Windows, Desura-Mac, Desura-Linux, Java Virtual Machine
Genres: Board Games, Action, Card Games, Fighting, First Person Shooter (FPS), Music, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Real-Time Strategy, Role Playing Game (RPG), Simulators, Sports, Turn-Based Strategy, Roguelike, Casual, Vehicle Simulation Game, Horror, Shoot em up, Point and Click

Studio: Indie Graphics: 3D
Type: Freeware Source: Closed
Release: Full Age: All