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Tiberian Sun features three factions (each with its unique strengths and tactics), the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), the Brotherhood of Nod (Nod), and The Forgotten (non-playable, neutral faction of mutants who have been physically and mentally affected by the Tiberium). The storyline follows the continuing struggle between the GDI and Nod, the latter of which is ready to launch a new set of surprise sneak attacks in an attempt to wipe the Global Defense Initiative off the face of the Earth.

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Platforms: Windows, Website, Steam-Mac, Steam-Linux, Desura-Linux
Genres: Arcade, Action, Card Games, Fighting, First Person Shooter (FPS), Music, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Real-Time Strategy, Role Playing Game (RPG), Simulators, Sports, Turn-Based Strategy, Roguelike, Casual, Vehicle Simulation Game, Horror, Shoot em up, Point and Click

Studio: Large Studio / Publisher Graphics: 3D
Type: Freeware Source: Closed
Release: Full Age: All