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Rogue for Windows [Edit Game]

The original 'Roguelike' from 1980! If you don't know what a roguelike game is, you may want to check the links on the homepage. In short, it's a dungeon crawling game, where all the dungeons are randomly generated, and the goal is to fight your way to the bottom level, retrieve an artifact, then ascend back to the surface.

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Platforms: Windows, Website, Steam-Mac, Steam-Linux, Desura-Linux
Genres: Action, Card Games, Fighting, First Person Shooter (FPS), Music, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Real-Time Strategy, Role Playing Game (RPG), Simulators, Sports, Turn-Based Strategy, Roguelike, Casual, Vehicle Simulation Game, Horror, Shoot em up, Point and Click

Studio: Indie Graphics: 2D
Type: Freeware Source: Closed
Release: Full Age: All